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About Me

Bienvenue and thank you for stopping by;

My name is Ariane and I am the lead tutor at A.K. Tutoring. Born in France and raised in Cameroon I moved to Canada in 2006 where I currently live with my husband and our 3 beautiful girls ages 9, 6 & 6 (twins). 

My native language is French and I enjoy teaching it to anyone willing to learn, my daughters first.  I understand the challenges non-French speaking parents and students face when trying to learn French. I met parents who were about to give up, kids who were bored in their french class at their school, students struggling with reading or speaking in French... so I decided to offer my help. If your child is facing similar challenges, there is a solution.


Presently a homeschool mom and an online French tutor, I previously taught French in a Montessori School. I use a combination of gestures and traditional method to make  French learning fun and interactive for the kids. I customize a program that works for the child at whatever level they are at to achieve the goals set.


Schedule your free consultation and let me know more about you or your child and see how I can help. Merci!​

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Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

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