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"When the Covid lockdowns were implemented in the Spring of 2020, my husband and I were looking for engaging activities for our two daughters, aged 8 and 5. 


We came across Ariane's French tutoring through an online ad. We had a number of interviews booked with prospective French teachers, but immediately after meeting Ariane online, we were drawn to her energy and canceled our remaining interviews. My daughters, both of whom were skeptical about learning French, were intrigued by Ariane. They asked to increase their lessons from once to twice a week.


My daughters greatly enjoyed the interesting games and songs Ariane introduced as well as the online resources. Both girls immediately took to Ariane's teaching style and looked forward to their lessons. The girls were often heard singing French songs throughout the day around the house, to the point my two younger children, aged 2 and 4 were also singing them.


Overall, I think Ariane is a fantastic teacher who knows how to engage and excite young children while advancing their French skills. We strongly recommend Ariane!"

Keeri S., Calgary AB

"Ariane made a positive difference in our lives. My 2 kids are in French Immersion School and have been taking private lessons from her for almost a year now. Even the class teacher is so happy with my son’s performance. He said that my son is pretty good and gets involved in all that they work on in class and shares his thoughts and sentences in French! He thinks my son has improved a lot since the beginning of the year


Ariane is so passionate, patient, caring, well-prepared for her lessons, disciplined, and always excited to work with her students. She always tries to do fun activities using pictures, gestures and games to make the lessons simpler and easier and keeps the kids interested in learning for the whole session. Ariane’s extra work means a lot.


I highly recommend her to everyone who needs extra help in French. Her efforts will prepare kids for the road ahead in life.


Thank you so much Ariane for helping us always.”


Sruchi C., Calgary AB

"Ariane was an excellent help for my French course. She was prepared and accommodating to my need and time. The tutoring sessions were tailored to the teaching style that was best suited for me. She was patient, prepared, supportive and had thorough knowledge about the subject."

Nimrat G., Calgary AB

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